SPAC Ltd has access to a superior UV-C disinfection product, which destroys free floating microbiological contaminants traveling in the airstream that can cause colds, flu and other infectious ailments. Never before, especially with the impact of COVID-19, has the need for effective air disinfection and surface microbial control of critical air systems, been more important. SPAC is using UV Solutionz High Intensity HE and EE series UVC Lamps to provide and ensure pure indoor air quality. In addition to the pure air benefits of utilising these UVC Lamps, they also increase energy efficiency of your air conditioning system, reducing operating costs and improving the IAQ in commercial and industrial buildings. As a leading technical solutions company that specialises in air conditioning and ventilation, SPAC Ltd is proud to provide effective pathogen protection air systems to Papua New Guinea. Contact us today and we’ll tailor a solution to meet your specific needs. For the spaces where you live, work and play.

Germicidal UVC Energy

Mainly it is the UV light in the ‘C’ spectrum that is germicidal – it actually disrupts the RNA / DNA of microbes to the point of killing them.

Destroys Viruses

The Solutionz High Energy UVC Lamps eliminate the free-floating microbiological contaminants in the airstream.

Ongoing Protection

They continually bathe the coil in High Energy germicidal UVC light, providing ongoing protection in your HVAC and for your property.

Works In Kitchens Too

Ozone producing UV lamps can also be installed in kitchen exhaust hoods to eradicate odours, grease particles and more. See below.


PNG Air Disinfection For Home & Office

Microscopic organisms do not survive well in sunlight due to the UVC light that penetrates ozone layer and is the reason mushrooms and moss grow on the south side of trees where they are shielded from the full intensity of the UV rays. We bring this same power of the Sun into the indoor environment and harness the germicidal attributes of UVC light to eliminate free floating microbiological contaminants traveling in the air stream while also attacking the built up biofilm on the coil itself.

The process of eliminating the biofilm found on the coil, also removes the largest source of microbial contamination to the built environment, resulting in improved IAQ.

Can UVC kill COVID-19? The short answer is ‘yes’ – for more information and detail surrounding this, please download the SPAC Pathogen Protection of Air Systems document. This system is suitable for residential and commercial applications, including Hospitals, Pharmaceutical Facilities and Foodtech.

Commercial Kitchen PNG Air Disinfection

SPAC Ltd can supply and install high concentration ozone producing UV Lamps, to new and existing kitchen extract systems. As well as providing effective air disinfection services, the UV Lamps can also eradicate odours and grease particles generated by cooking food. In many cases, they can also reduce or eliminate the need for manual duct cleaning.

By keeping the extraction system free of grease, the risk of duct fire hazards are drastically reduced.

The UV Solutionz High Energy Ozone UV lamps are specifically designed for maximum output in high heat airflows. They can be retrofit installed in ducts or behind a SS shield inside the hood itself.

Download the SPAC brochure for ozone producing UV Lamps for kitchen exhausts here and for more information, call us on +675 325 1755.

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