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SPAC Ltd has exclusive Steril-Zone air filtration products, which destroy those airborne viruses that can cause colds, flu and other infectious ailments. Effective air filtration has never been more important, especially with the impact of COVID-19. Steril-Zone was developed by Steril-Aire, an international company who manufacture high output germicidal UVC solutions, and is available in PNG through SPAC Ltd. Steril-Zone uses real science to create pure air, protecting you against viruses, bacteria, pollen, mold and more. It’s a new generation of air purification technology, which provides triple bottom line performance in domestic and commercial environments. As a leading technical solutions company that specialises in air conditioning and ventilation, SPAC Ltd is proud to provide Steril-Zone air filtration to Papua New Guinea. Pure air. Real science. Contact us today and we’ll tailor a solution to meet your specific needs. For the spaces where you live, work and play.

Effective Air Filtration

Steril-Zone combines three scientifically proven air purification technologies, one for each class of pollutants.

Destroys Viruses

Uses patented UVC germicidal technology to destroy biological contaminants. A new level of air cleaning.

Creates Pure Air

A safe, effective and energy-efficient way to clean the air in rooms up to 70 square meters! So, you can breathe easy.

Maximise Health

The solution to keep your home and workplace cleaner, healthier and free from pollutants. We have the answers.


PNG Air Filtration For Homes

Steril-Zone destroys airborne viruses that cause colds, flu and other infectious ailments. It also reduces the spread of infectious diseases caused by bacteria and reduces or eliminates symptoms of allergies, asthma. Its purpose has never been more important than right now, with the pandemic of COVID-19.

Its carbon absorption removes VOCs that create odors and trigger allergic reactions. Using a high efficiency pleated filter media, that traps particulates without using ionization or electrostatic charges.

Indoor air pollutants fall into three major categories, Particulates, Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and Microorganisms. Steril-Zone effectively cleans the air of all three and has 95% efficiency particulate air filter at 0.3 micron.

Download the SPAC Steril-Zone brochure for more information or call us on +675 325 1755.

Commercial PNG Air Filtration

SPAC Ltd have partnered with Steril-Aire to provide first class commercial air filtration products and services to customers across Papua New Guinea. These are high output Germicidal UVC solutions which work in conjunction with existing systems, to provide healthy buildings and pure air. Peace of mind with COVID-19.

These ultraviolet solutions deliver triple bottom line performance in regard to people, property and plant. They improve air quality, as well as the energy efficient performance of your products, reducing costs and illness.

These systems can be installed with any new plant or retrofitted to existing HVAC systems and offer an average payback within 24 months (or less) of installation. Suitable for a wide range of industries.

Download the SPAC Steril-Aire brochure for more information on how you can maximise health and your bottom line.

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